About me

I was born in Sydney, Australia at the time the Beatles first visited. I have always been interested in art, design and construction of three-dimensional forms of various types. It was during my high school years that I seriously started to experiment with model - making and more sophisticated graphic works in coloured inks. I was also fascinated by architectural forms, and seriously contemplated this as a possible career move.

After leaving high school I studied graphic design, library science and film & television studies. I became interested in multitrack recording and used analogue synthesizers to compose rudimentary music experiments of an ambient style. I was fascinated by the potential of building up an original composition by individual tracks or components. I later learned that this kind of creation lends itself to the definition of "additive synthesis" - an architectural term (and a common term in physics to describe complex waveform construction) used to describe composition by individual smaller parts.

My interest in music composition gave way to experimental video composition. In 1991 I acquired my first vision mixer, and in 1992 a Panasonic digital unit. This single instrument paved the way to a whole phase of videographic experimentation. I produced many experimental pieces and production works for individuals. In the late 90s, I approached Stephen Jones to engineer a custom analogue video synthesizer under my direction and design. The unit was completed in 1999 and is a unique instrument in its own right. I still maintain my strong interest in videography, and have moved into digital photo manipulation and montage work using various photo and painting programs. Each decade has been a new phase to experience new media - drawing, model-making, sound recording, video exploration and digital photo-editing.

Life has presented many experiences of a personal and metaphysical nature, and in parallel, I have maintained an interest in science & technology studies. Indeed, along with media and communications, science & technology is my other major area of academic interest.