Buffalo photomontages





The following photomontages represent the essence of a memory of time spent in the city of Buffalo, New York, USA with newly found friends in December, 2003. The composition was compiled and digitally manipulated from photographic and Internet references by myself in January 2004.



The trip to Buffalo was an experience not only to see some of the sights of Niagara Falls and the Canadian border, but also an opportunity to explore various architectural and artistic research possibilities. I spoke to several artists and designers there, and was most impressed by Buffalo's rich architectural heritage and the artistic community in the city.


I am indebted to Kris Elwood who allowed me to photograph the interior of her Frank Lloyd Wright designed home - the "Heath House"; to Larry Chirico who welcomed me around Buffalo. I am also very much indebted to Robert Samuel Alba (Sunbear Designs) who allowed me to be a part of his life, and to generously be my guide and companion for the month I stayed in Buffalo. I will always treasure the memories shared and my newly found friends. I thankyou all!