Communication column





The communication column from the 1975 Gerry Anderson television science fiction series "Space 1999" is something I have found a fascinating piece of useful technology. Being primarily a communication device, this unit has everything a budding Moonbase operative requires to access information, communicate with fellow colleagues, and to transmit information.


My design for a communication column was inspired from this rationally-planned concept, with video screens and instrumentation arranged indentically on each of the four sides of the column.





My design differs from the Space 1999 version in that the instrumentation is more simplified, there are other compartmented sections, and my design features air-conditioning ducts and climate controls.  My design not only acts as a communication access terminal, but a junction port to other aspects of a fully electronically networked city.


A rationally-designed communication column

might have the following features: video monitor,

clocks for different time-zones, telephone,

climate controls, air conditioning ducts,

temperature, humidity and air pressure

indicators, radio, intercom, storage

compartments, swivel base, electrical

outlets,  upper and lower internal lighting,

and other useful features. All four sides

of the column would contain identical

instrumentation accessible from all angles.