Conceptions regarding time & space

Our world is really defined by the two fundamental principles in the universe - that of time and space. We experience everything in our lives within the spatial-temporal domain of the physical universe.

It is thought that the nature of space is something that permeates all of the three-dimensional matrix - there is no locality where the "substance" of space is not present, in one of its many manifestations. It is also supposed that space is not only three-dimensional, but exists within a much larger framework composed of many dimensions. Our three-dimensional universe is said to be curved within a four-dimensional larger reality. We experience the world and all its phenomena, not realising that it is part of a much more complex creation. Many theories have been put forward to explain the spatial complexities.

The nature of time is probably one of the greatest mysteries of all. Thinking of time in the traditional sense, we consider the past, the present and the future to be distinct, separate and defined by a linear progression from one event to another in a sequential relationship. Those that challenge present conceptions about time suggest that the linear description is inadequate, and that the past, present and future share a more fundamental relationship that transcends the pattern of linearity that current science holds true. Different time-zones are thought to exists side by side and it is these different time frequencies that may be observed in dreams and similar transcendental experiences. Perhaps time itself embraces all forms of reality, life and being "ad infinitum", and that simply by realising this, opens up the possibility to come to terms with its existence.