When prophecy fails

This is the relationship one has to self-fulfilling guiding principles that work out differently to what one expects. What does one do when our expectations take on courses that are possibly contrary to our knowledge?



It is important to integrate the concept of paradox into our worldview. Paradox is when our view of events is contradicted by something other than what is envisaged. While paradox is difficult to sometimes work with, it can help us understand perhaps a different light on cause and effect, and how sometimes, cause and effect are not always predictable.



Valid feelings and information can be derived from the feelings of ambivalence. This is the vague indistinct or nebulous feelings that one associates with indecision, but importantly, ambivalence is a valid sensation that should be integrated into one's overall sensory experience.



An important psychological tool for the understanding of the self. We can understand the present by looking at the past, and seeing the relationships that have weaved their influence. Some people may keep diaries or journal notes recording significant events that come to pass. These then become the basis for self-analysis and self-assessment. 


The individual "outside" society

Somehow feeling distanced from society at large can help to stir the individual spirit. It is important for alienated people to see this separation not in entirely negative terms, but a differentiation that may be entirely natural and so need not necessarily be a cause for distress or anxiety. 



Not all of life need be a chaotic assemblage of elements. Synchronous events can help us find solutions that seem to transcend the rational and guide us to other areas of exploration. It has been suggested that one trusts the motivation associated with synchronous events, as it may prove useful, such as in the generation of new ideas, or exploring new directions.



Networking, making connections and associations are essential to experience the full flavour of the human dimension. While not exactly a discontinuous phenomenon, sometimes our experiences can shift focus by allowing other influences to enter uncensored.