Furniture design

The "Communication Column" - a futuristic communication device, acting as a public replacement for telephone, video and information bulletin board. Each side of the column has an identical set of flat-screen monitors, clock dials, compartments and vents for air-conditioning and climate control. Columns like these are thought to exist throughout the white-tiled interiors of vast underground cities. The design could almost be a feasible technological artifact that has yet to be invented. Inspired from the British television series "Space 1999", the column is a variation of those featured in Moonbase Alpha where the series takes place.

My constructions don't only include wood, but also its synthetic equivalents like MDF (medium density fibreboard), plastics, aluminium and some other composite materials. Over the years I have made twin black-laminated audiovisual cabinets with sloping hoods, a tall black laminated bookshelf with strutted base and hood containing an up-light, and a tall terrace-like cabinet also black laminated with various forms of decorative coverings also with an oyster up-light, cupboards, foldout panels and a circular upholstered panel. In 1996 I finished an upholstered bed unit. This unit has two upholstered "wings" that flank the bed and have various coloured vinyls covering them reminiscent of the padded interiors of the spacecraft designs in the film "2001: A Space Odyssey" by Stanley Kubrick. It took quite a while to work out how the panels were created, and it took a long time to make them. The bedhead contains an upholstered panel with a personal stereo system, a secret compartment, and twin halogen lights inside the hood with dimmer control. I am very fond of having furniture that "cradles" the user, hence, most of my furniture creations incorporate a "hood" of some type.

As a kind of design philosophy my furniture includes, but is not limited to:

Art Deco design form

Hooded apex where applicable

The incorporation of an uplight where applicable

Padded sections where appropriate (2001-style of flat padded panels)


Modular in construction

The use of laminates for exterior surfaces

Aesthetically pleasing, and a bit mysterious

The inclusion of ornamentation






Now in my constructions, I am allowing myself to include ornamentation of a kind. This can be anything from a Frank Lloyd-Wright inspired geometry to freeform organic designs. My designs must be practical, include lighting, a hood, be upholstered, and have compartments. My designs have an air of mystery to distinguish them from the ordinary.