Future positive

What would the world have been like if certain historical situations had not arisen, and the economies and resources of the world had not suffered due to such factors as the Vietnam war, the energy crisis of the 1970s, political and societal changes and conflicts of that period, and the changes in public attitude of a "brave new world"? By looking at science fiction films in particular, various scientific expos and displays of the past, we could see that at one time, some people had great hopes for humanity - in terms of technological progress and advancement, even social, moral and spiritual progress.  The optimism of the 1950s and 1960s for the world has changed due to many historical developments. Perhaps by linking these realizations in a much greater context, one can see a positive direction in highly complex and competitive human society.

One can only speculate on what the future promises for the near future:

FOR THE FUTURE (by the 30th century or earlier):

Doctor Who (from the British science fiction television series) and his companions materialize inside the space station Nerva - constructed sometime in the early 30th century. While the Doctor can find his way around, much of the technology is strange to his companions.