Luxury & Wealth

A lot can be said about the accumulation of wealth, material possessions and the celebrated lifestyle that the rich, famous and successful enjoy. Luxury or a life that embraces luxury carries with it a forward energy that can bring benefits or tragedy for those that wish to pursue the material path. Wanting a comfortable life is natural for almost everyone, and because we live in a material world, such riches must either be earned through hard work or by inherent fortunes that the lucky experience. Luxury has its benefits though. I believe that an appreciation of luxury somehow enables us to maximise those aspects that lift the spirit. It creates an environment whereby one can contemplate what meanings are inherent with material wealth.

A little bit of luxury does no harm to anyone. Of course one can overdo it a bit, but for most of us, having the opportunity to express a small measure of luxury can gladden the heart when all other things in life are equal. Luxury cannot mend a broken heart, nor can it bring a miracle cure to those that are unwell. Luxury creates an environment where we can explore our innermost dersires.

One can create the impression of luxury by:

Plenty of golden artifacts and embellishments, including impressive works of art

Warm colourings (golds, caramels, brass, tans, yellows, peach, rose, reds) and furnishings (including velvets and silks)

Peach-coloured mirror tiles on the ceiling, real or fake marble wall tiles

The odd chandelier in the dining, living or lounge areas, plentiful lamps and lighting fixtures

Lots of light in all the right places, including side lighting, down lights and ornamental lighting

High level of decorative features and fittings (including ornate moldings, gold or brass edging to walls and corridors, ornate ceiling embellishments and moldings)

Abundance of expensive and inviting furniture, ornaments, entertainments systems

Over the top ornamentation (glass, leather, gold, marble, luxury metals and woods, ceramics)