Metaphysical pursuits

The Forms of Things Unknown

So much in our universe cannot be explained by pure rational philosophy. It demands explanations that fall outside our normal modes of experience. Events and phenomena, past and present often defy definition falling within the field of what is currently regarded as "knowledge". How much do we really know, or indeed allowed to know? Investigating the unexplained brings the opportunity to delve into the mysterious, of which science has no satisfactory explanation.

The forms of things unknown relate to the wonders of the Earth itself, nature and the universe. Dimensions beyond perception interpenetrate our universe in ways that influence all living things. An infinity of levels exist beyond the accepted view of the world. As with the inner workings of the human minds to the outer limits of our understanding, nature works in mysterious ways.



What comes beyond our everyday sense of reality? Is there more to life and the universe than the mere three-dimensional phenomena that we experience with our physical senses? This represents the outer limits of human experience and challenges the well-established notions of what constitutes the possible and that which is considered "impossible".


Conceptions about time & space

Conceptions regarding life & the universe

Transcending everyday reality

Tales of mystery & imagination

"Not all of the "beings" or even "dreamscapes" that one encounters within the dream-state are the exclusive products of one's own subconscious mind" - Branton.