Orion philosophical insights



Intuition, hunch, synchronicity and coincidence - all of these terms are reflections of a natural law, the natural way people work.


The innate wisdom is a delightfully wonderful and accurate sensory tool, particularly for you about you.


Each human being is connected with the creative force that is present in all beings.


Trust the inner wisdom…not only for personal development, but also to direct energies into the world.


Many of you are beginning to come into conscious awareness that you relate to this world and your own society differently - differently than many people you know, differently than what you know historically.


Allow yourself to come into clear recognition of the nature of your beings. Allow yourself to support yourself, understand and accept yourself.


There is no singular way to come into fullness of your awareness.


The evolution of a new pattern will happen in its own time.


Retrospect is more than the fact that you cannot see all of a process as it happens. It is also that you cannot yet identify what is occurring, as there may be subtle impulses that are not clear enough to be consciously understood.


It is important to allow yourselves the idea that things you could not understand can be looked at again in another way

You must know you have the right to define your experience.


We encourage people to honour their doubts, their fears, their ambivalences as valid information.


We encourage each of you to let yourselves explore the plethora of loving relationships available.


There is no ordained, singular way for human beings to express themselves in the world.


Communicating through the personal allows real feelings to be shared and facilitates linking and connecting with another.


Experiencing degrees of intimacy can be necessary for certain elements of progress in what is termed the spiritual path.


We see each individual as fully capable of and responsible for synthesizing their own belief structure.


We encourage the idea that there can be more to understanding, to knowledge, than that which is readily perceived.


Philosophical insights taken from The Orion Material: Perspectives on Awareness, edited by Elisabeth Y. Fitzhugh, Synchronicity Press, USA. 1987.