The following set of photographs were taken as an assignment for the Media & Communications degree at UNSW. Called "Singularity", the photographs reflect an inner philosophical stance for acknowledging fundamental principles in the universe. The images were taken from Rookwood cemetery, some interior shots of objects, and the more abstract photographs are videoprints of television graphics and video feedback stills. Many of the pictures are intentionally defocused so as to portray a surreal atmosphere.


Singularity is the state of consciousness of being

It is the life force within the universe

Incomprehensible and unique

Infinite and immortal

Transcending the limitations of the material world

It is the individual consciousness

Growing and expanding to encompass the universal mind

The focus within life

Contemplation of the soul

The fundamental essence

Sheer and singular in manifestation

Spirit of life

The point at which consciousness emerges

Universal forces constitute all living things

Coalescing the concentrations of energy and matter

States of chaos and equilibrium

Fire the imagination and creative forces



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