I am interested in creating works that exhibit their own internal frames of reference - works that have an internal sense of unity and form. For me, a sculptural piece must appear to be complete and be balanced. Symmetry is applied to many works, and asymmetry is allowed only if it is in accord with the unity of the sculptural form.

Pieces are built up from a combination of additive synthesis and reconstructing existing materials, for example: MDF, acrylics, aluminium and other materials where required. Inspiration is derived from a variety of sources including science fiction and science fantasy  forms, architectural modernism, sacred geometry and polyhedra.

More unexplored possibilities remain!




















These sculptures represent an attempt to validify the accent on the verticle dimension. The armillary sphere pictured is a reworking of an older form using predominantly black and silver rings, clear acrylic rings with two red rings incorporated around an already complex central sphere. Here, complexity in design of this metaphysical sphere is the most outstanding feature.

The other pieces fuse an appreciation of Art Deco with experimental arrangements to create pleasing modern combinations