The self










What is Self-Knowledge?

What is the I am? Who am I? What is my relationship with the world? What is creation? What is Gnosis?


What is Consciousness?

Ordinary and higher levels of consciousness. Self-awareness. The conscious, subconscious and universal or super-consciousness


What is Wisdom?

How do we know the difference between the real and the unreal? Discovering truth and the mysteries of the universe.


What is Being?

The relationship to one's self


On being Human

The body, mind and soul. Development of reason, emotion, the intellect the imagination and creativity


Power and Control

Observing the external world and acting within its realm - opportunities and limitations. Self-education and self-experience.


Know Thyself

The realization of the true self is fundamental. Self-identification and identity.



Aesthetics, essence, contemplation and a balance of intellect and  energy.


Self Realisation

Self-actualisation, transcendence, being.


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