TAFE (Technical and Further Education)

1994 Small Business Operations Certificate ( Randwick TAFE)

            Marketing Fundamentals

            Small Business Computer applications

            Small Business hardware Evaluation

            Feasibility & Setting Up

            Record Systems

            Planning & Running

1993 Computers-An Introduction Course ( Randwick TAFE)


1987 Completed first year of the Film Production Techniques Advanced Certificate Course (North Sydney TAFE)

            Film & Television History & Appreciation

            Film Production Theory I

            Film Production Practice I



            Life Orientated Studies

            Vocational Orientation

            Film & Television Sound Theory

            Film & Television Sound Practice

            Film & Television Work Studies II

            Electronics Introductory Course


1985 Library Technician Certificate Course ( Sydney Technical College )

            Library Routines I                                                     Audiovisual Materials & Equipment I

            Australian Government & Society                             Reader Services & Materials I

            Communication                                                         Library Routines II

            Library Typing I                                                         Technical Processes II

            Photography for Library Technicians                        Audiovisual Materials & Equipment II

            Library Typing II                                                        Science & Technology

            Australian Libraries                                                   Human Development

            Technical Processes I                                                Special Library Study

            Reader Services & Materials II                                  Technical Processes III

            Display & Publicity                                                    Supervision & Human Relations

            Computers in Libraries


1983 Six months of Graphic Design Course experience (Liverpool TAFE)