UNSW degree program




MDCM 1000       New Media Technologies A                                   

MDCM 1001       New Media Technologies B                                   

MDCM 2001       Multimedia Production                                          

MDCM 2000       Media, Technology & Creativity                             

MDCM 3002       Advanced Media Production                                  

MDCM 2100       Media & Postmodernity                                          

MDCM 3000       Media Forms                                                          

MDCM 3003       Media Production in Industry Contexts                  



ENGL 1001        Ways of Writing                                                  

SOCC 1531        Australian Media: Institutions & Representatives              

PHIL   1008        Ethics & Society                                                     

HIST  1017         World History I



HPST 1106         Myth, Megalith & Cosmos                                      

HPST 1107         From Closed World to Infinite Universe                  

HPST 3126         Thinking Technology Through Philosophies of Technology                        

HPST 2106         Scientific Theory & Practice                                  

HPST 2109         Computers, Brains & Minds                                    

HPST 3113         Changing Images of Nature                                    

SCTS 2108         Information Technology, Politics & Media              

HPSC 2400         Knowledge & Power                                               

HPSC 3100         Advanced History of Science        




GENR 0015        Planning Perspectives                                             

GENS 4011        Science of Music                                                    

GENS 4014        Are We Alone?                                                

GENR 0018        The Art of Architecture                                 




The aim is to produce students who think critically about new media forms and practices, understand the cultural, corporate and historical contexts of media and who can produce digital works of publishable quality.  



Science & Technology studies involves  analyzing and assessing the nature, history and the social and cultural consequences of science and technology. Historical studies of science are used in the construction and testing of models of the way in which scientific investigation proceeds, and to inquire into the nature of scientific theories and technological applications.

History and Philosophy of Science is an area that deals with the nature, history, social shaping and social impacts of science, technology, medicine and other realms of inquiry. Not only is the history and philosophy of science important, but also the connected fields of environmental studies and management, technology and its social impacts, and the politics of medical science and health.